September 24, 2018 Shelley Iocona

Why Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Rules Your Growth Strategy

There is no substitute for a quality company culture. A report from the Columbia Business School indicates that over half of executives link positive culture to increased productivity and profitability. But while business leaders recognize the value of culture, they struggle to build it; 87 percent of respondents in a Deloitte Insights study cite cultural development as one of their chief challenges.

In a corporate context, core values are best developed from the ground up — beginning with hiring. A quality hire not only possesses critical skills and professional acumen, but also principles that align closely with your company’s brand. While certain cultural elements can be refined over time, it’s virtually impossible to force a fit with employees who don’t share your workforce’s overarching values.

Defining And Highlighting Your Company’s Culture

Core values create a much-needed framework for your company, while your mission and vision statements serve as foundation. It’s critical that you clearly define these elements before you take on new employees. Equipped with a mission and vision statement that accurately reflect your aspirations, you can better attract professionals who share your values and goals.

Don’t let prospective hires make assumptions about your company or what you’re looking to accomplish. Outline your core values in every element of the hiring process, from job listings and applications to interviews. Prospective employees should know exactly what your company stands for — and how they can contribute to your long-term vision. Align all hiring materials to ensure employees receive the same message throughout the process. Strategic talent management programs can play a critical role in this effort, especially if designed to reflect current stages of organizational growth.

Continuing Culture-Building Efforts in Employee Onboarding

The hard work doesn’t end after you’ve vetted potential hires thoroughly and chosen the individual most likely to be a team player. The onboarding process provides a more refined take on these concepts. Through onboarding, you can demonstrate not only key company values, but also how these standards can be upheld on a day-to-day basis. Provide detailed feedback to ensure new hires grasp essential concepts.

Hiring should never be about filling seats; ideal employees will share your core values while making every effort to absorb and exhibit your company culture. Ideally, employees will not only understand and emulate your core culture, but also take pride in representing your brand. The effort you invest in the early stages of hiring and onboarding will lead to exceptional ROI as you see huge improvements in productivity, camaraderie, and general workplace culture.

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