March 15, 2023 press

Delighting Customers

Using Customer Journey Maps to Meet Growth Objectives

Recent Salesforce research suggests that 73% of customers expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations yet roughly 39% of customers feel that brands actually do this. Becoming a customer-centric organization doesn’t happen overnight. To learn the pain points your customers have and the problems to solve, you need to establish meaningful connections with them, improve their experience, and create trust in order to build loyalty. One of the most powerful ways to achieve this is by understanding the customer journey and how it aligns with your internal organization.

In this session of Business Bites, we’ll hear from Chief Customer Officer Mary Ann Bianco sharing real-life experiences developing customer excellence programs across all phases of the customer lifecycle at Uniphore and Oracle. Mary Ann will explain how the customer journey shows opportunity areas for growth by illustrating gaps and calling out areas where resources may or may not be aligned. She’ll be joined by Product Strategist Shelley Iocona sharing how customer research and discovery is used to gather data-driven customer insights for new product development, existing product optimization, and internal and external communications. You’ll walk away with knowledge of how to start the customer journey process and partner with strategic functions in your organization effectively so that growth objectives can be realized. There will be an opportunity for Q+A so come with questions for this engaging event!

Mary Ann Bianco – Chief Customer Officer

Mary Ann is a high-tech executive with a background in Cloud SaaS Enterprise Applications and AI/ML for Fortune 500 B2B and B2C companies. She spent her career in high-growth leadership roles that drive revenue through customer success, product adoption, and client expansion. Mary Ann has a strong operational career running large teams for Oracle’s on-premise and SaaS business where she designed and implemented industry segmentation models, leveraging PMO Best Practices to drive global consistency to drive revenue. She has operational expertise in acquisitions, change management, and digital transformation with deep G2M knowledge and experience leveraging data to identify customer value realization, retention risk, and expansion potential.

Mary Ann is also known for her contributions in DEI/B as a co-founder of Oracle Women’s Leadership (75,000 members in 30 countries), Board leadership roles for PBWC, Watermark, and UPWARD, and several leadership awards (YWCA TWIN AWARD, Women Who Made Their Mark). She is also an Ambassador for SV Academy and a peer mentor for BRIIA (Bishop Ranch AI Accelerator), where she enjoys the practice of “paying it forward.”

Shelley Iocona – Product Strategist, ON ITS AXIS

Shelley Iocona is the Founder and Principal at ON ITS AXIS, an innovation consulting firm guiding intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in new venture ideation and acceleration. Today, ON ITS AXIS empowers organizations to deliver products to their target market with massive impact through market research, customer insights, business modeling, prototyping, and go-to-market strategy.

With an early career in engineering and product management at high-tech companies such as Yahoo, Symantec, Shopzilla/Bizrate, and Directv, Shelley is an operator at heart. She has led numerous product development efforts as a consultant and today serves as an investor and advisor to early-stage startups as a General Partner with 360 Venture Collective. Shelley received an undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara and an executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

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