June 19, 2023 press

Accelerate Anything

How Great Organizations Optimize Their Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop

When companies adopt Voice of Customer (VoC) programs we think “that has to be good” but research has shown that many customers who report average or above average satisfaction levels in surveys and focus groups end up severing ties shortly thereafter. If positive outcomes don’t come through, the most well-intentioned companies will soon retire their efforts. While these programs can be beneficial, a more holistic approach is ideal. Companies who consistently deliver value to their customers are thinking about VoC and CX, the customer experience. They invest in research, run experiments, and engage in customer discovery practices. They synthesize data and develop insights so the next thing they create has meaning and value for new and existing customer benefit.

In this session of Business Bites, Kelly O’Connell shares what it takes to create successful build-measure-learning loops and optimize them for customer success. Learn how validated learning leads to insights for optimization and how to apply this to the customer feedback loop.

Kelly O’Connell is an Innovation Strategist, Venture Capitalist & Social Impact Advocate. She is the Executive Vice President of award-winning Innovation Consulting Firm, ON ITS AXIS, and the Managing Director of Impact VC firm 360 Venture Collective. With an early professional background in Mergers & Acquisitions & Global Professional Services Consulting, Kelly currently serves clients through expertise in change agility, diversity and inclusion initiatives, growth strategy, and employee engagement. She is an Advisory Board Member for the University of California, Riverside’s Design Thinking Program, and for the Simmons University AAEB. Kelly currently serves as an advisor & board member to several early-stage impact startups and as a mentor to university students studying STEAM and Entrepreneurship. She is an active member of The National Society of Leadership and Success and is the founder of GuideStar Platinum-rated 501(c)3 nonprofit, Start Giving Local.

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