March 15, 2022 press

Business Model 101

Introduction to Business Models

Developing a business model may feel like a daunting and low-priority task but data shows that startups/new ventures with a well-constructed model are better positioned for growth at a lower churn rate than market competitors without a model.

In this month’s virtual Business Bites, we start by laying the groundwork to establish what a business model is, how it’s different from a business plan, and demystify the confusion around the business model canvas.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to start a new business, or an intrapreneur helping your company create, deliver, and capture market value, you’ll learn to create a desirable, feasible, and viable business model and walk away with a standardized set of shared terms, definitions, and examples that you can use and apply.

Enjoy this abbreviated session and get in touch to learn more about our 5-part Business Model Innovation series!

Business Bites is an exciting and original webinar series brought to you by HanaHaus in close collaboration with ON ITS AXIS. Enjoy 45-minute livestream episodes featuring renowned thought leaders and notable speakers from various industries. Join us for thoughtful conversations every month where our guests share insights on innovation, leadership, business development, and other relevant topics!

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