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22 Nov 2019

Beating Imposter Syndrome

Earlier this year I had the great opportunity to speak about my professional background with a group of talented students at a reputable code school. The purpose of the talk was to share how the hard skills they were learning in a demanding 12-week boot camp were just one element of truly succeeding in today’s job market. Developing soft skills — communication, strategic thinking, self-management, teamwork, and leadership — is critically important to landing a job, keeping a job, and growing a career. As my talk came to a close and the Q&A session began, a student in one of the front rows asked a question, “There is a lot of talk about Imposter Syndrome, especially for aspiring web developers. As someone who started her career as a web developer and has grown her career to running a company, have you ever felt like an imposter?” Yikes! Can the audience see the big YES…

12 Nov 2019

How Startups Can Apply Lean Methodology to Their Finances

New companies don't necessarily have millions of dollars in the bank or the backing of a large investor to ensure that it has the money needed to operate at a loss. In many cases, startups are funded with little more than what their owners have in the bank. Therefore, it is important that you understand what lean methodology is and how it can help your business survive long enough to eventually turn a profit. Identify Waste There are many different ways in which a company could be wasting money such as paying employees too much or hiring employees instead of freelancers. Chamberland Business Accounting says it may also be a bad idea for startups to lease an office building or otherwise pay for space that they don't need at the moment. Consolidating or otherwise refinancing corporate debt could save an organization hundreds of dollars per month or more. Eliminating waste…

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