June 11, 2024 press

Harnessing Product Adjacency for Commercial Innovation

Navigating the Crossroads of Change and Creativity in Business Dynamics

During this session of Business Bites, Jack Cosman (Social Media, Digital Marketing & Events, HanaHaus) introduces today’s topic to a global audience of movers and shakers where Innovation Strategist Shelley Iocona (Founder, ON ITS AXIS), and Health Tech veteran Kristin Norton (CEO, Green Room Technologies) lead the audience on an exploration of the business ecosystem where evolution is not just about survival but thriving through innovation. Kelly O’Connell (EVP, ON ITS AXIS) moderates a lively fireside chat unpacking the power of product adjacency as a catalyst for disruptive innovation.

Listen as we explore:

* Product Adjacency Explained: Grasping the Concept and Its Impact on Modern Business.
* The Innovation Advantage: How Adjacency Sparks Creativity and Drives Brand Expansion.
* Future-Proofing Through Adjacency: Developing Resilience and Versatility in Products and Teams.
* Real-World Success Stories: Insights into How Market Leaders Have Capitalized on Adjacent Innovations.
* Mapping Your Adjacency Pathway: Collaboration in Crafting a Structured Yet Agile Approach to Exploration.

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