Leadership + Culture

27 Feb 2020

6 Methods for Improving Your Team’s Leadership

Improving on leadership skills is a process of committing to constant, daily improvement of those skills. In today’s fast and complex business world, being a strong business leader couldn’t be any more necessary. With the constant changes in demands and business trends, it can be easy to overlook the needs of your team. As you take the time to assess where the team(s) you currently lead are at on the leadership scale, here are six methods to help you build a strong team of leaders. No More Micromanaging Micromanaging can be a destructive habit, especially when left unchecked. Many leaders who micromanage often play down their habit by labeling it as a control freak issue. The common denominator for most leaders who carry the burden of this habit is that the company is their baby that they’ve built something from nothing. While building up a company from scratch to a…

09 Jan 2020

How to Create a Dynamic and Efficient Team

Having a successful business depends on you having a dynamic team. Not only do you need to focus on hiring the right people, but you also need to work hard after you hire to build up your team. Here are some ways to create a more efficient and unified team. Recognize Strengths You can probably name the biggest strengths of your team members because the chances are that is why you put them in the position that they hold, but you need to find out their hidden strengths. When someone does a great job, do not stop with the praise. Ask him or her how she accomplished the task. See if it is a teachable process that the employee can share with others. During employee evaluations, focus on how the employee’s mind works. Then, ask yourself if that thinking process is useful for other tasks within your organization. When you…

26 Nov 2019

How to Foster Better Work-Life Alignment for Your Employees

Working full time and still being able to do the things you love isn't always easy. In fact, it can be very draining at times. People often point to a lack of work-life balance as the root cause of employee burnout. Rather than look at work and home life as a constant tug-of-war, it’s better to look for ways to align your work with your goals and lifestyle. Work-life alignment is about using your work to build a more meaningful life.  As the manager, it’s your duty to ensure your employees are productive and happy at work. Here, the idea is to make work duties integrate seamlessly into your employees’ lives. Don’t know where to start? Here are three strategies you can implement to foster better work-life alignment in your employees. Offer Family Leave Although you may see them every day, you may not know much about your employees' personal…