November 13, 2023 Shelley Iocona

WBENC Energy Executive Program

As a firm focused on innovation and sustainability helping companies reach under-addressed customers and better align to priority ESG goals, it felt natural to apply for consideration in the WBENC 2023 Energy Executive Program.

The energy sector is one I have desired to understand better because climate change is a significant threat to global health and the opportunities in renewable energy and infrastructure remain promising and exciting.

Being selected to participate was an honor! I am incredibly inspired by the women in this 6th cohort comprised of 60 WBEs (Women Business Enterprises) with over $325,000,000 in Annual Revenue. We are a mix of Professional Services and Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Service Providers to the energy industry graciously sponsored by WBENC, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Hess, and Shell USA, Inc.

Throughout four 3-hour virtual sessions, we learned how the oil and gas industry is being transformed into the energy sector for a more sustainable future. The program ended with a 3-day on-site in Houston to hear directly from the partnered corporations, guest corporations, and Primes with field trips to collaborate in person and engage in experiential learning. We also participated in a community impact event to assist entrepreneurial-minded students in mapping out their business’s next steps.

The WBEs in this program are supporting the industry by working on renewable energy projects, installing pipelines, directing waste management, and managing the safety, reliability, and results of these initiatives. I came away with genuine excitement for what’s possible and also a better understanding of the tension between profitability and sustainability for the partnered corporations.

A recap of the program by WBENC “Fueling Future Energy Leaders: Empowering the 6th Cohort of the WBENC Energy Executive Program” illustrates how WBEs are powering progress in the Energy industry.

Thank you WBENC, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Hess, Shell USA, Inc., guest corporations, and Primes for such an impactful program!!

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