Product Management

Our Passion

We love all things product and have been designing, developing and managing products for a long time. Our team is well-versed in product management best practices and doesn’t prescribe solutions based on the latest buzz words.

Lean, agile, waterfall and hybrid approaches – they are all great and each serve a purpose based on company size, industry and goals. Our product team members hold reputable certifications in core methodologies and bring that expertise to your conference table.

Services Include:

  • Feature Prioritization
  • Opportunity Assessments
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Organization Audit
  • User Story Development
  • Customer Development
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Product Plans
  • Technology Research, Planning + Strategy

Relevant Programs + Events:

  • Advisory Services
  • Strategy Session
  • Developing A Product Organization
  • Share:

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