Product Strategy + Management

21 May 2020

The Customer’s Role in Improving Your SaaS Product

One of the most crucial and hard to understand parts of the product development process is developing for the end user. The end user plays an important role in the successful implementation of your product, and determines everything from initial adoption to product longevity in the marketplace. Having an understanding of the role the end user plays is important at the onset, and should drive your product development process. One of the most highly acclaimed development methodologies is lean, whose core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. In this article, we provide a few examples of how lean development ultimately supports the customer in improving your SaaS product. Removal Of Defects When it comes to lean, the removal of defects is one of the most important aspects of the process. As most of us are aware, a piece of software can interact with, be broken by, or…

16 Jan 2020

Quality Assurance Planning for Your Product

Quality assurance, or QA, is an important part of a design or development process. Its purpose is to detect process and design flaws early. Quality assurance helps build credibility and client confidence. It also works as a form of research in development, refining and improving process efficiency. This, in turn, increases a company’s competitiveness. Why You Need One QA consists of methodical processes, or test cases, which resolve a product’s ability to meet design requirements. Many companies throughout the world define these requirements according to the standardized ISO 9000 guidelines as a universal means of communication. QA creates scenarios for design tests based on customer requirements and expectations. It keeps design and production costs down by proactively identifying and searching for performance results early rather than testing complete prototypes. It’s also important to remember that QA is different than QC, or Quality Control. QA focuses on design flaws. QC focuses…

14 Jun 2018

How To Have A Smoother Product Launch

Three key questions to ask at the onset of new product development New product development is a lot of hard work, not only in the ideation phase, but throughout the product lifecycle. Once you’ve established what your product’s value proposition is, the effort establishing product/market fit can feel all-consuming. In the midst of polishing your pitch, it’s easy to forget that you may have missed some important questions. Some of these are marketing-related, and others are related to your legal rights. Among other things, investors or acquirers will definitely want to know whether you actually own your underlying IP. So here are three key questions to ask at the onset of new product development. You might be surprised how asking these questions now can save you significant time and money later in the lifecycle. Does your brand resonate with your product offering? We know a strong brand that resonates with…

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