May 28, 2021 press

Women In Product Conference 2021

This year our Founder, Shelley Iocona, joined an incredible group of women thought leaders at the Women In Product Conference 2021. She shared the Spotlight on Skills stage as a speaker during Tuning In: The Voice of Your Customer on May 26, 2021.

During the conference session, attendees also learned from Laura Wang in her talk Develop Engaging Experiences by Listening to Gen Z. Each speaker focused their sessions on the when, where, and how to listen to user feedback to identify pain points, prioritize features, and build a product with impact. Below is the excerpt and recorded session of Shelley’s talk.

Improving Products with Customer Touchpoints

Experience drives demand, profitability, and product life. Join leading product strategist Shelley Iocona for an engaging discussion about how brands leverage customer touchpoints to build stickier, more innovative products. Shelley will provide examples from well-known brands who have successfully adopted this model and guide you through an interactive experience to develop the skill by practicing the process in real-time.

Women In Product is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing women with equal access and representation in product management careers at all levels. For the many ways to get involved, check out their website for chapter information, community events, and sponsorship opportunities.

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