October 19, 2021 press

What Is Leadership?

An Exploration of the Role of Management in Tomorrow’s Workplace

Executive leadership training has been historically grounded in structured educational lessons designed to develop concrete operational and financial management skills. Leaders have been historically measured by concrete performance metrics such as company profitability and increased market share. Recent research by leading universities including Harvard, MIT, and Stanford have all identified gaps in the ability of traditional leadership measures to address the complex, fast-changing real-world scenarios today’s leaders face. As organizations increasingly shift how they scale and how business objectives are set and met, many theorists believe that the role of leadership will continue to change.

In light of the recent research findings and the evolving marketplace conditions, there is a growing awareness of the increasing value of new styles of leadership. Future-ready leadership programs try to anticipate the skills tomorrow’s leaders will need to thrive. Future-focused organizations try to develop/attract leaders that will position them to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace.

In this month’s Business Bites we’ll explore the changing role of leadership. We will discuss the increasing emphasis on soft-skills development, change agility, and distributed leadership skill-building in leadership programs, and hypothesize on the future of management with industry experts Suzan Sierota, Janeen Brown, and Barbie Winterbottom.

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