October 14, 2020 press

Reimagining Leadership

Developing Agency, Adaptability, and Intrapreneurship in Your Organization

2020 has dramatically shifted the workforce landscape. This shift has demonstrated that successful organizations must excel at both efficiently executing on a well-developed strategic plan and rapidly adapting to changing circumstances. In this Business Bites Session we talk with our expert panelists about the role of leadership in managing change and discuss how leadership can be reimagined to develop an organizational culture that promotes employee agency and intrapreneurship to foster a change-agile environment.

This conversation is hosted in a joint collaboration between ON ITS AXIS and HanaHaus, moderated by Shelley Iocona, and HR and Organization Design thought leaders Lotus Buckner, Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, Stephen Childs, and Dr. Tina R. Walker.

Business Bites is an original webinar series brought to you by HanaHaus in close collaboration with ON ITS AXIS. Enjoy 45-minute livestream episodes featuring renowned thought leaders and notable speakers from various industries. Join us for thoughtful conversations every month where our guests share insights on innovation, leadership, business development, and other relevant topics!