January 9, 2020 Innovation Team

How to Create a Dynamic and Efficient Team

Having a successful business depends on you having a dynamic team. Not only do you need to focus on hiring the right people, but you also need to work hard after you hire to build up your team. Here are some ways to create a more efficient and unified team.

Recognize Strengths

You can probably name the biggest strengths of your team members because the chances are that is why you put them in the position that they hold, but you need to find out their hidden strengths. When someone does a great job, do not stop with the praise. Ask him or her how she accomplished the task. See if it is a teachable process that the employee can share with others. During employee evaluations, focus on how the employee’s mind works. Then, ask yourself if that thinking process is useful for other tasks within your organization. When you discover a project that an employee enjoys, find out the reason that they enjoyed the process by talking with them. The reason they give you may surprise you, and that reason may hold important clues about other projects where the employee will excel.

Maintain Communication

Agile training will help your team communicate better. Start with an overview meeting so that your team understands what needs to be accomplished and who is responsible for different aspects of the project. Encourage questions because they can lead to more significant insights and may develop a better process. Mistakes will happen but do not brush them aside. Use them as a way to further train your team or to make a better product, provide better customer service, or further improve your company. The team should be encouraged to give constructive feedback to each other and to receive valuable feedback from you. It’s important to keep up communication, both internally and externally, through meetings and feedback.

Remove Team Members

If someone has consistently not performed to your expectations and you have given them additional training and feedback, then you need to remove the team member before they impact the rest of the team. It is not a pleasant task to let someone go, but their inability to perform or their attitude will affect everyone in the long-term. Check with your HR department to see if there are any reasons that you should not fire the person. Then, you and one other top executive need to get the job done as ethically as possible. After the firing, hold a team meeting to discuss how you expect the team to continue without the individual.

The people in your company are essential to your success. When you’re all working together and communicating, the day-to-day operations of your business will go smoother. Using these three tips to build a dynamic and efficient team will help your company succeed in the long run.