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03 Sep 2020

Adopting Organizational Agility

The concept of agility is often tossed around as business jargon, but when applied, it is a crucial skill to have in an organization. Given the exceedingly consumer-driven market and volatile business world, change agility is the key to staying ahead of your competitors. Surprisingly it often flies under the radar, perhaps because companies fail to realize that it all begins with employees' mindsets – from the very moment they join the organization. Here is why agility is so important, and how you should be adopting it into your respective organizations today. Collaborative mindset Organizational agility can be understood as a proactive approach to identifying and grabbing opportunities as they come. Leadership today is no longer dependent on a top-down approach, as it is a collaboration among teams that are now accepted as the strategy for success. And this mindset is now becoming the norm due to the latest generation…

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