January 2020

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30 Jan 2020

How To Accelerate Company Growth with a Business Aligned Hiring Roadmap

We all get how impressive the hire from a name brand company might be. However, more often than not, making the vanity hire turns out disastrous for both parties. Why? Too often hires are made based on a particular set of skills or a person’s pedigree. Not taking into account the importance of cultural alignment or the objectives of the business. Your hires should be made on the basis of what is best for the company backed by evidence of performance. Join our Leadership Team on the Hire Power Radio Show for the recorded live talk from earlier this month! How To Accelerate Company Growth with a Business Aligned Hiring Roadmap Want to learn how to create a killer hiring roadmap that get you the results you’re looking for? Schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn more!

16 Jan 2020

Quality Assurance Planning for Your Product

Quality assurance, or QA, is an important part of a design or development process. Its purpose is to detect process and design flaws early. Quality assurance helps build credibility and client confidence. It also works as a form of research in development, refining and improving process efficiency. This, in turn, increases a company’s competitiveness. Why You Need One QA consists of methodical processes, or test cases, which resolve a product’s ability to meet design requirements. Many companies throughout the world define these requirements according to the standardized ISO 9000 guidelines as a universal means of communication. QA creates scenarios for design tests based on customer requirements and expectations. It keeps design and production costs down by proactively identifying and searching for performance results early rather than testing complete prototypes. It’s also important to remember that QA is different than QC, or Quality Control. QA focuses on design flaws. QC focuses…

09 Jan 2020

How to Create a Dynamic and Efficient Team

Having a successful business depends on you having a dynamic team. Not only do you need to focus on hiring the right people, but you also need to work hard after you hire to build up your team. Here are some ways to create a more efficient and unified team. Recognize Strengths You can probably name the biggest strengths of your team members because the chances are that is why you put them in the position that they hold, but you need to find out their hidden strengths. When someone does a great job, do not stop with the praise. Ask him or her how she accomplished the task. See if it is a teachable process that the employee can share with others. During employee evaluations, focus on how the employee’s mind works. Then, ask yourself if that thinking process is useful for other tasks within your organization. When you…