November 11, 2020 press

Will There Be Jobs?

How Change and Innovation Will Shift the Way We Work

How work gets done is changing. More and more companies are adopting a culture of innovation that increases productivity & profitability. However, in many cases these changes result in an increased dependence on automation, cloud based tools and robotics that are dramatically shifting the daily responsibilities of the workforce.

Fears related to job opportunity and financial stability are a natural and escalating response to the operational transformations taking place in today’s global workplace. Many professionals are concerned about their job security wondering, “how do you plan a career in a changing workforce landscape?”

Moderated by Kelly O’Connell, EVP of ON ITS AXIS, this exciting and interactive panel discussion consists of HR and Educational thought-leaders Dr. Cathleen Greiner, Jay Polaki, Michelle Rubio Garcia, M.A., and Stephen Baer. We discuss the role of education in preparing the future-fit workforce and strategies for developing change agility in career development.

If you missed the event, you can watch the recorded webinar below:

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