January 13, 2021 press

Anticipating Disruption

How Authentic Customer Engagement Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

Disruption can be a fear inducing concept for leaders at today’s mature enterprise organizations. No one wants to lead a currently thriving company into failure.

The potential for disruption is a reality in today’s competitive global market. It’s important for enterprise leaders to confront that reality by anticipating how their industry will evolve to meet shifting customer desires. In this session we’ll explore the role that authentic customer engagement can play in anticipating and proactively responding to disruption. We’ll look at how it helps enterprise organizations nimbly avoid being displaced by startups and we’ll also look at how entrepreneurial founders can build new business solutions by identifying and filling gaps in the customer journey of existing enterprise client customers.

Listen to this exciting interactive panel discussion with Innovation and Customer Excellence thought-leaders: Paul Stovall, Phyllis Olson, and Brandon Caudle. We discuss the relationship between customer experience strategy and organizational strategy while exploring how customer insights can prevent today’s leaders from running companies that will be disrupted tomorrow.

If you missed the event, you can watch the recorded webinar below:

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