June 2018

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21 Jun 2018

Inspiring Stories from the OC

What a fun week being featured in VoyageLA magazine's Inspiring Stories from the OC! Thanks to the VoyageLA Staff and David Voorhees, an Orange County based photographer and videographer, I had the opportunity to share and illustrate how ON ITS AXIS got started and our vision for working with early stage and high-growth startups. I also share how I believe our social good component combined with our product and people focus is what truly sets us apart from other technology consulting and staffing firms. The best part of the experience is seeing how taking time for reflection and sharing my experience as a founder helps other founders learn and grow. Since the interview was published, my inbox has been flooded with stories, requests and well wishes. As a founder focused on giving back, how can I support you? If you read the interview and would like to learn how I…

14 Jun 2018

How To Have A Smoother Product Launch

Three key questions to ask at the onset of new product development New product development is a lot of hard work, not only in the ideation phase, but throughout the product lifecycle. Once you’ve established what your product’s value proposition is, the effort establishing product/market fit can feel all-consuming. In the midst of polishing your pitch, it’s easy to forget that you may have missed some important questions. Some of these are marketing-related, and others are related to your legal rights. Among other things, investors or acquirers will definitely want to know whether you actually own your underlying IP. So here are three key questions to ask at the onset of new product development. You might be surprised how asking these questions now can save you significant time and money later in the lifecycle. Does your brand resonate with your product offering? We know a strong brand that resonates with…